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If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.
James 1:5

For over 30 years Gospel for Asia (GFA) has raised support from western countries. Until recently there have not been disclosures of how this money was used on the mission field in Asia. When the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) recently reviewed how GFA was spending donations on the mission field, the ECFA removed GFA from their 36-year charter membership and standing. The purpose of is to help individuals understand the issues surrounding GFA.

Be wise stewards of the resources the Lord has blessed you with. Read through these reports and illustrations, weigh them for yourself.

Articles Addressing Gospel for Asia’s Financial and Workplace Ethics

Christianity Today: 12/2015


Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA): 9/2015

In this letter dated Sept. 2, 2015, exactly one month before the ECFA cut ties with GFA, 16 key concerns about the way GFA conducts its financial affairs are highlighted.


Gospel for Asia (GFA), an international Christian ministry already under fire, hoarded as much as $259 million …


GFA promised donors their contributions would be used for specific purposes the donors themselves selected, the lawsuit notes, such as buying blankets or camels for poor families or motorbikes for missionaries, especially in regions of South Asia, where the ministry concentrates most of its work. GFA did not keep such promises, the lawsuit contends.

“K.P. Yohannan and his Gospel for Asia inner circle have been exploiting the goodwill and generosity of devout Christians around the country for years,” said the plaintiffs’ lead attorney Marc R. Stanley in a prepared statement. “Gospel for Asia should return all the money it’s taken from donors who thought they were contributing to charity.”

From Former Board Member: Gayle Erwin

GFA Diaspora

Articles on the Class Action Lawsuit


Why did Gospel For Asia send money to India in students’ backpacks?
From Christian Today

International Office Concerns

Gospel for Asia Australian Office:

Gospel for Asia Canadian Office:


Great Nonprofits

Volunteers and donors use Great Nonprofits to search for ratings and reviews of nonprofits in their town.

Read for yourself all the reviews on Great Nonprofits. Below is the most recent entry.


Read all reviews at Great nonprofits …

After giving over 100,000 dollars to this ministry over the course of 11 years, I must retract everything I held dear about them. Please Google Warren Throckmorton’s blog to see what they have done to us – their big donors and volunteers. They have lied to Evangelicals to get their money. I was a volunteer for 9 years, and went to India with them, and have met KP twice. I ignored what I saw in India and wish I hadn’t. I saw the best of intentions. Well now I realize the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I regret all the friends I dragged into this ministry. They may have started off with the Gospel being the focus, but now it is a way for KP to build his empire.

JUNE 2018
The American Lawyer
Harriet Miers’ Nonprofit Client Hit With Discovery Abuse Sanctions

JUNE 4, 2018
Federal Judge Sanctions Gospel for Asia in Fraud Case
On June 4, federal Judge Timothy Brooks sanctioned mission giant Gospel for Asia in the ongoing fraud case of Murphy v. Gospel for Asia for failure to produce evidence as requested multiple times by the court. The court found that GFA “needlessly squandered the resources of the parties … and put an ‘extraordinary drain on the Court’s resources,” and that GFA’s “abusive conduct in this case since August constitutes a willful violation of its discovery orders.”

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