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Gospel for Asia, $100 Million fraud – Nova Scotia class action
KP Yohannan Carmel College of Engineering
RICO Violations Gospel for Asia Founder KP Yohannan

Gospel for Asia, $100 Million fraud – Nova Scotia class action

Donors claim Christian organization ‘conspired to misrepresent the nature of the donations collected


A new report from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

People who attend Christian Fellowship Church in New Glasgow, N.S., donated $150,000 to Gospel for Asia over a 20-year period. The congregation stopped supporting the charity after Pastor Bruce Morrison discovered financial discrepancies in 2015. (Angela MacIvor/CBC)

I would encourage readers to visit the full report and use your discernment in light of the full report …

Nova Scotia class action against charity Gospel for Asia alleges $100M fraud

Here are a few excerpts:

GFA has been operating in Canada since 1980. It continues to have strong support and raises about $9 million through donations each year — on average, $25,000 a day. The proceeds are intended to go to the poor in India and surrounding countries. read full report

Pastor Bruce Morrison also found that between 2007 and 2014, Gospel for Asia reported to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that it had sent nearly $94 million to India. Meanwhile, financial records submitted to the Indian government showed the charity received no funds from Canada during that time period. read full report

Morrison said the U.S. lawsuit provided him with new information about how Canadian money was being spent. In court, lawyers representing Gospel for Asia confirmed that $20 million was taken from Canadian donations to help pay for construction of the charity’s $45-million headquarters in Wills Point, Texas read full report


Listen to Angela MacIvor’s Documentary about Gospel for Asia , KP Yohannan



Organization forced to refund donors $37 million in U.S. now soliciting in N.L.

KP Yohannan Carmel College of Engineering

Article appearing in The Hindu – July 3, 2018
(photo from The Hindu)
Carmel College of Engineering - KP Yohannan
It appears KP Yohannan can’t afford his Carmel College of Engineering? In other news – Gospel for Asia brings 300 Million to India in and around 2016.

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A large number of parents and students came out in the open to protest against the reported move to close down the Carmel College of Engineering of the Believers Eastern Church at Perinad in Ranni taluk on Monday.

In other news … Student Suicide Investigation – Engineering College

RICO Violations Gospel for Asia Founder KP Yohannan


As reported by, read through the 43-page document, which is located at the website: Title of article: Gospel for Asia, Inc., Founder Facing Class Action over RICO Violations

Segment of the article here:
A proposed class action filed in Arkansas alleges defendants Gospel for Asia, Inc., Gospel for Asia-International, the organizations’ founder, K.P. Yohannan, and four other individuals violated the federal Racketeer Influences and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) by using their Christian organization as a front to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from donors.

“Soliciting charitable donations to benefit the poorest of the poor while covertly diverting the money to a multi-million-dollar personal empire is reprehensible; using a Christian organization as a front to attract and exploit the goodwill and generosity of devout Christians is a particularly vile scheme,” the lawsuit scathes. “But this is exactly what K.P. Yohannan and the organization he controls—Gospel for Asia, Inc.—have been getting away with for years.”

In other news …
U.S. District Court of Western Arkansas Rules RICO Case Can Proceed Against Gospel for Asia

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