Financial Concerns

GFA internationally raises over $100 million annually that is sent through various channels to Believers Church in India. Laws in countries like the U.S. and Canada explain how this money is to be used according to donor intent. The ECFA and other independent audits have shown vast discrepancies between how the donations were designated and how the donations were used in India.

Former Staff Concerns

There is currently a crisis of confidence from the staff of GFA. Almost half of the staff have resigned from GFA in the last 12+ months (2015-2016). Many of these staff have publicly voiced their concern.

U.S. Marketing vs. Indian Practice

In the U.S., GFA represents itself as a non-denominational “big tent” ministry. GFA sends all of its mission field donations to a denomination known as Believers Church. This is a new denomination that was started by Brother KP when he was ordained a bishop in India. The Indian expression of Believers Church is in stark contrast to the way Western donors understand the non-denomination descriptions of Gospel for Asia.

This is especially true from the years 2003–2014.

As Believers Church took on it’s current denominational characteristics, donors were not made aware of these characteristics.

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