Gospel for Asia Donor Retracts Everything – $100,000 Given


Great Nonprofits is a good place to get reviews on many types of nonprofit organizations. There will be a variety of reviews, so you can do your own reading and draw your own conclusions. This is helpful in trying to get some objectivity, versus the ministry copy points some might choose to stick to if you were to call.

You can visit Great Nonprofits here.

Read what one former donor writes about their donations to Gospel for Asia …

See former donor comment below, as seen on Great Nonprofits. Published 10/28/2016

“After giving over 100,000 dollars to this ministry over the course of 11 years, I must retract everything I held dear about them. Please Google Warren Throckmorton’s blog to see what they have done to us – their big donors and volunteers. They have lied to Evangelicals to get their money. I was a volunteer for 9 years, and went to India with them, and have met KP twice. I ignored what I saw in India and wish I hadn’t. I saw the best of intentions. Well now I realize the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I regret all the friends I dragged into this ministry. They may have started off with the Gospel being the focus, but now it is a way for KP to build his empire.” User: Saturn


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