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In May of 2018, Warren Throckmorton was removed from Patheos. And so the conversation on faith is squeezed of voices. Will anyone really know who pulled those strings?

Here is Warrens new blog:

and a link to a couple posts from other bloggers wondering why Warren got the boot.

Today, Anxious Bench, a group blog at Patheos, featured two posts which questioned the termination of my blog. I will take them in the order posted today.

It seems even in the evangelical world, lots of money can produce power, which can lead to certain actions. Those actions may not be fueled by a “godly” power, but a “worldly” power. In evaluating power, one always has to look at the life of Jesus and how God builds His kingdom. Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord.

All the archive articles along with comments are preserved forever, be sure an visit Warrens blog.

Below, a comment about the past blog at Patheos and refreshed links:

User Comments

One thing you’ll want to take note of are all the user comments on all the posts. There are hundreds and hundreds of user comments. You’ll have to be able to wade through them and make your own decisions about them. This is an open forum, so like any other open forum on the web, you have to use your own wisdom as you read. Below is an example of comment from one of the many articles about Gospel for Asia. The link to the article is available below.


K.P. Yohannan Told Gospel for Asia Staff He Didn’t Allow Ring Kissing, Video Appears to Contradict His Story

View the video of the ring kissing yourself, it’s one thing to kiss the ring, a completely different thing to deny it ever happened.

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